Bedroom Escape

I am back with a new game after a 3 years break. I will try to get back to escape game development, because I love it!

Office Escape 2

This is the second Office Escape from us. The first one was made by Hina and this is from Umeko! It’s a little longer compared to our previous games.

Clean Room Escape

Do you want to go out with your friends tonight? First, you have to clean the house, to make your mother happy. This game is from Hina!

Flower Shop Escape

Who doesn’t like flowers? Here is the new escape game from Hina! Collect all the flowers in the shop. Good luck!

Television Escape

Television escape is a new game developed by Umeko. This is a shorter one as usual. The objective this time is to escape the house by repairing the television.

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