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Bathroom Escape

Bathroom Escape is another 3D game developed by Hina. This time the task is to escape from the bathroom. Good luck!

Office Escape

Office Escape is another Japanese escape game developed by my sister, Hina. This one is our first game with 3D room. Good luck!

Cave Escape

Here is our new game made by my sister, Hina. Here you have to escape from a dark cave by using the objects you can find. Good luck, players!

Library Escape

Here is another japanese escape game from us, which is short again, but hopefully can provide some fun minutes for you. Try to escape from the library!

Sea Escape

Here is the new Umeko game made by my sister. This is a very short game, where you have to get out of this underwater world.

Nijinomatsubara Escape

Let me introduce this new Umeko Escape game, where you have to get out of the famous Nijinomatsubara forest. The objective is to find a key to the gate.

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