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My First Valentine’s Day

The amazing and extremely creative No1Game has brought us a brand new escape game called My First Valentine’s Day.

Open Attempt Round Escape 43

Here is the 43th episode of this fun opening escape game from the Japanese TomoLaSiDo. Have fun with Open Attempt Round Escape 43!

Alice House 10 – Where is Alice?

The Japanese Funky Land has brought us another really cool escape game with wonderful graphics. Let’s escape with Alice again!

Open Attempt Round Escape 42

Are you ready to open a can again in a tricky way? Thanks to the japanese TomoLaSiDo, here is the 42nd attempt!

Find the Escape-Men 137

The 137th Escape-Men episode from the amazing No1Game is here. It is played in a winter room.

Daily Escape 2

This is the second Daily Escape game from the Japanese Darakeguma. Very short and easy!

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